Explorers Program

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Welcome to the Explorers Program

We have the greatest jobs in the world. Every day we go to work knowing that our main purpose is to help someone in trouble. It has been one of our greatest adventures. We believe we reap a great reward by serving the community. With this program, we want to introduce ourselves and the services we provide to the future of our community.

This program is a combined effort between Boiling Springs Fire District, Spartanburg County Sheriffs Department and the Boy Scouts of America. Working together we are able to offer the youth of our area a way to explore the fire and law services. This program will not only provide training in firefighting and law related fields; but will also exhibit the spirit and pride of serving our community.

We look forward to you joining us as an Explorer.

For information on the Explorers Program Call 864.578.6200

  • What is the Explorer Program?

    This program is a joint venture between the Boy Scouts of America, Boiling Springs Fire District and Spartanburg County Sheriffs Department. The BSA provides the Explorers with an avenue to pursue their interest in a potential career. The Post provides everything else: leaders, trainers, equipment, facilities, general knowledge, as well as insurance for the Explorers. All these elements are delivered to the Explorers in a SAFE manner.

  • Who can enroll in the Explorer Program?

    Any young adult between the ages of 14 and 20 can join the program
    The Explorers Program is CO-ED and is open to all community minded youth regardless of gender.

  • What is expected of each Explorer?

    All Explorers are expected to maintain a C average and regular attendance in school. All Explorers are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner at all times. You are always a representative of Explorer Post 203.

  • What is expected of the Parents?
    SUPPORT YOUR EXPLORER - Remind them constantly of the rewards and pride that community service will bring to them.
    SUPPORT YOUR EXPLORER - This is a career orientation program. It is a mature beginning in their journey to adulthood.
    SUPPORT YOUR EXPLORER - Keep them focused on their education and the important things in life.

Meet the Boiling Springs Explorers

James Brackins

Steve Ellis

Jason Ledbetter

Cody Flynn

Katie Hayes

Noah Keever

Jason Ledbetter

Chris Lollis

Logan Miller

Jason Ledbetter

Savannah Richardson

Josh Splawn

Jason Ledbetter

Ezekial Worth