Boiling Springs Chief

Letter to the Boiling Springs Community
from Chief Miller

Boiling Springs is a wonderful community. Being a native from "LoLo Beach", or the Valley Falls area, I can attest to the fact that there is no place I would rather work, live, and raise my children than in this community.

I grew up in this Fire Department under my Dad's watchful eye. He joined the ranks as a volunteer in 1976. He served this community for over 30 years before he retired. There is no greater mentor, or more demanding supervisor than my Father. He raised me to be selfless in my service to others. And I owe him a great debt for the lessons he has taught me and for the time he continues to advise me today.

I also owe a debt to my family. My wife, Shannon, and my children, Sierra, Samantha, Joni, Jeremy, and Allison, support me tremendously. The service they give to the community is not overlooked. I realize the sacrifices they endure as well. Words fall far short of expressing my love and appreciation for them.

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Scott Miller, Chief

I must also give credit to our staff and volunteers. These are the men and women that make things happen. We have an outstanding group of individuals that enjoy serving their community. Without a doubt, I stand behind them as the most capable and professional team of Firefighters I have ever worked with.

During a recent career day at Rainbow Lake Middle School, I was asked once about what I liked and disliked most about being a firefighter. The response is the same...I am called when people are having their worst day ever. The good part is I get to help, but the bad part is I leave wishing I could have done more.

My passion, as your Fire Chief, is to do more...More public education, more injury and fire prevention, more community awareness, more training...I want to go home every day knowing that we did something today to make our community safer and the quality of life better.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you and your family. Your support for this department is greatly appreciated. If you ever need me, have a concern, question, idea, or simply want to share a cup of coffee...I am available.

Chief Scott Miller
Boiling Spring Fire Department